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About Ann S. Katz Yoga Center LLC
Private Client Testimonials

Svaroopa(R) Yoga is very approachable.  My Chiropractor was impressed with my progress and released me from further visits with him.  My pain is reduced, I have more range of movement. I can put on my socks and tie my shoelaces which I couldn't do before. I continue to do what Ann taught me throughout the day.  I like the calmness I feel as well.  
Mike (Public Relations Executive), 2013

Ann has made a huge difference in my well being.  My last session I walked in tired and left feeling like a new man.  I even played 18 holes of golf for the first time in a year.  
Tony (Insurance Executive) 2019

I have taken private sessions with Ann, called Embodyment(R) when I was facing health challenges.  The sessions helped me get realigned.  When Ann moved to Florida, I noticed I felt more pains in my low back despite practicing vinyasa yoga 2-3 times a week.  Since I started Skype classes with Ann, I really have noticed the difference in my now more open tail bone and am getting a good night's sleep!
Karen (VP Banking), 2019

Class Testimonials

This yoga, Svaroopa (R), is the only thing that works for me.  It gives me relief from my back pain.  I have tried many other modalities and have not found the relief that Svaroopa (R) Yoga gives me.  I am not a candidate for surgery so it's either this or a pain pill.  I love the yoga.  It's a life saver.
Grace (Nurse) 2014

Practicing Svaroopa(R) Yoga with Ann, has helped greatly in dealing with cancer after recovery, as well as with my general well being.  Yoga relaxes the mind as it releases the tension in the body and allows me to think more clearly and have a positive outlook on life.
David (Author) 2014

I've been attending class with Ann for nearly 10 years.  Ann's classes really have helped my posture and opening my spine.Sleep is always better after class as I've opened and released so much tension and stress-in supported positions.  Don't let the props fool you into thinking Svaroopa(R) Yoga is a "restorative" yoga-the props are critical to opening the spine and energy flow.  This is an active yoga-just supported, thereby taking the stress and pressure off your joints and allowing you to hold the positions longer.  An adjustment from Ann in class is truly delicious...and really can help  take your practice to the next level.
If you are looking to sit and stand a little taller, feel more grounded, focused and have an open spine-this is a great class and I highly recommend it.
Karen (VP Banking) 2019

Svaroopa(R) yoga has been life changing for my body and soul. Ann is a dedicated teacher and practitioner and she truly loves to teach and guide you to a better understanding of your body and how yoga can help you move past any restrictions that may be holding you back. After class you will feel a lightness and an openness in your spine and throughout your entire body, making sitting, standing and walking tall feel effortless. Svaroopa(R) yoga is a gentle, supported style of yoga that offers deep release in places you didn’t even realize you were holding tension. You will find a new openness and lightness in your body and mind which increases the more you practice. 
I have been a student of Ann’s since I started prenatal yoga with her. And that baby is now 11 years old! Ann is an amazing yoga teacher and now a friend. Don’t hesitate to come to learn, to laugh, to expand yourself, and to just be. I don’t know where I would be without Ann and Svaroopa(R) Yoga! 
Andrea Krollman (Physical Therapist) 2019

What an amazing feeling- I couldn’t raise my right arm over my head at the beginning of class today but could at the end!!! Working on the spine to free the shoulder - who knew? Obviously, you did!!!
Thank you!
Terri, volunteer and stay-at-home Mom 2019

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