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Ann S. Katz Yoga Center LLC
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Call Us At: 203-858-1593

Svaroopa® Yoga is a type of Hatha yoga which is taught in small classes where you receive personalized instruction and alignments. It is more like a WORK IN than a WORK OUT. Each class begins and ends with a relaxation. In between, you do some breathing and easy yoga poses that release tension in your spine from tail to top. This is a back friendly yoga. At the end of class, you feel more like yourself. You feel calm and relaxed. You feel ready to face whatever the day may bring. 
"After taking the [Svaroopa® Vidya] meditation course [with Ann], the simplicity of the method allowed me to begin a regular practice. The benefits began immediately. Noticing what the mind is doing, clarity of mind, connection between mind / body / breath; the positive effects carry over into the whole day. Because of the meditation, I feel a deep, bottomless calm that carries over into the day. The more I meditate the more it sticks with me. I am much more able to let life unfold rather than worry about how I will act or react. I'm more relaxed and able to be mindful. 
Amy, Graphic Designer